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These games are amazing: I spent so much time playing, I got fired from my job and my wife left me. I now take food and fluids intravenously, and have been fully catheterized, so I don't have to stop - except to sleep occasionally. is without doubt the best repository of classic arcade games you can play online!

Adrian Quazmoghast, formerly of McSwithens Precision Tools, Inc
Play Shoot The Rocks and revisit Atari's classic, Asteroids

Shoot The Rocks

Asteroids just got better!

My tribute to Atari's 1979 Spacewar! inspired outing, Asteroids. Shoot The Rocks has all the classic elements from the most popular variants of the game: hunks of rock floating in space, flying saucers, hyperspace, shield, and flip. This version also comes with a twist, black holes inspired by the central star in Spacewar, which float across the screen and influence every object in play.

As with Star Citadel, I offer both a new and a classic variant. The classic variant more closely resembles the mechanics of the original arcade machine. The new variant is intended to be more accessible to modern gamers, and changes the game mechanics somewhat: asteroids that take multiple hits to destroy, black holes, power-ups, and a few more tweaks here and there.

The best, nay, the ULTIMATE version of Asteroids you've never played! Awesomely and infuriatingly addictive!

Jonathan McFlanderbeard, Mega Journal of Online Games

Play Star Citadel, our fantastic remake of Star Castle

Star Citadel

A remake of Yars' Revenge inspiration, Star Castle

My first HTML5 and JavaScript game, inspired by seeing the old arcade game Star Castle, by Cinematronics, in the excellent documentary, Atari: Game Over. This game provided Howard Scott Warshaw with the inspiration for Yars' Revenge on the Atari 2600 but I thought it was so cool I decided to write my own homage to the arcade original. Featuring classic vector graphics, a funky soundtrack, and pitting your tiny ship against a well-defended foe, here's my take on Star Castle.

Based on some kind feedback from Vistico93 on YouTube I added a classic version of the game, which more closely mimics the mechanics of the original, in addition to my own take, which I hoped would be more accessible to modern gamers. If you want the classic version just hit Play Classic in the game menu.

Can I use the word "charming" to describe a game? I think I can. This version of Star Castle is both charming and brilliant!

David Goddard, MOAR Old Skool Gaming

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