Welcome to the arcade.ly blog

Welcome to the arcade.ly blog, where we’ll be talking about games, game dev, and web performance.

All our games are built with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. That’s right: no Flash. Which means they work on mobile and tablet, as well as desktop and laptop.

So far we only have a couple of games:

We hope you enjoy playing them!

For anyone who’s interested, our behind the scenes tech stack is express.js and node.js running on Bitnami, currently in Amazon Web Services’ with Cloudflare as CDN. The blog is generated by Hexo using the excellent alpha-dust theme from Jonathan Klughertz.

We recommend you subscribe to our Atom feed for posts and updates on new game releases.

Licensing and attributions

Licensing arcade.ly games

You MUST license the use of arcade.ly games if you wish to do any of the following:

  • Host, embed, or otherwise include any arcade.ly games in a website other than arcade.ly,
    Provide access to arcade.ly’s games in any public venue or as part of any commercial enterprise,
  • Build or offer any product or service for sale that includes any arcade.ly games,
  • Use arcade.ly games or footage of arcade.ly games in any kind of media or presentation intended for consumption by anyone other than yourself,
  • Use arcade.ly games in any other commercial context.

You MUST also get permission for any public, party, or group use even in a non-commercial context.

Please contact the webmaster with a brief description of how you intend to use the games for more information.

Credits and attributions

For all games

  • Game Design, Graphics, Sound Effects, Programming and Infrastructure - Bart Read
  • Additional Sound Effects

Star Citadel

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Privacy and compliance

Privacy notice

arcade.ly respects your privacy. All information you give us is held with the utmost care and security.

Please take time to review this privacy policy as it sets out our privacy practices and tells you how your personal information will be treated by us. We do not sell, rent or loan any identifiable information regarding our users or customers to any third party. Only in the circumstances described within this Privacy Policy would we share your information with any third party.

Our use of personal data is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2016 (GDPR).

How arcade.ly uses your information

arcade.ly will not collect any personal information about individuals except as set out in this privacy policy.

Examples of the types of personal information we will collect are: the country/countries from which you use the site based on your IP adddress, games played, and scores, the browsers and devices you use to access the site. If you log in to the site we will also collect your name and a link to your profile photo from the service you used to log in (Facebook and Twitter are currently supported).

We will use the personal information provided to us in order to:

  • present you with information regarding games you’ve played, such as hiscore tables for each game
  • monitor usage patterns, errors and performance of the site across different geographies, browsers and form factors to help us diagnose problems with the site and make improvements that offer you a better experience

Certain information is collected automatically, as described later in this privacy policy.

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